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Aluminum Railing Systems - Glass Rails and Picket Railing Design

Aluminum Railing Systems - Extreme Low Maintenace
Versadeck Aluminum railings provide lasting beauty with virtually no maintenance upkeep needed. Choose from nine designer aluminum railing styles available in a variety of colors; Tempered Glass, Pickets, Colonial, Vermilion, Wind Wall and Stainless Steel Cable railing. Choose from three unique maintenance free privacy rail options; Magnetic, Isabella and Slatted.

Price Guide (see page 3-4) 

Tempered Glass

Wind Wall Glass

Cable Railing

Residential glass aluminum railing photo with light clay modular aluminum decking and a view of a lake by Versadeck Decking Wind Wall Glass Railing Residential stainless steel cable rail photo with light clay aluminum plank decking with a view of a lake by Versadeck Decking

$140 LNft


$160 LNft


$170 LNft

Standard Picket

Colonial Picket

Vermilion Picket

Residential picket aluminum railing photo with a view of a lake by Versadeck Decking Residential colonial picket aluminum railing photo with composite chairs and planters by Versadeck Decking Residential Vermillion picket aluminum railing

$120 LNft


$130 LNft


$180 LNft

Slatted Privacy

Isabella Privacy

Magnetic Privacy

Slatted Aluminum Privacy Railing Isabella Privacy Aluminum Railing Magnetic Privacy Aluminum Railing

$210 LNft


$220 LNft


$230 LNft

Complete Sections Ready to be Installed
Versadeck railing can come in complete sections made to full lenghts.*

Versadeck Aluminum Railing come in complete rail sections to fit your deck

Choose from three rail heights. All of our railing designs meet or exceed most residential and commercial design requirements as follows: A four inch sphere cannot pass through, meets IBC code load requirements with 50 pounds plf (per lineal foot) applied at the top of the guard and a 200 lb concentrated load at any point. Top profile come standard with square or round top.

Aluminum Railing Heights and Rail Tops

Versadeck Aluminum railings come standard with 2 in. intermediate and corner posts with 2.5 in. posts used on the end posts for added strength. 1.5 in. posts are available upon specail request. Post caps come standard on some end posts, stair top posts and the stair bottom railing posts. Add post tops to some or all intermediate posts is your preference. Pyramid aluminum railing post top caps or ball cap are standard design options.

Aluminum Railing posts and Post Caps

Rust Proof Reliable Aluminum Construction
Versadeck railing products are constructed from high grade aluminum alloys providing a lifetime of performance. Aluminum is rigged yet light making installation easier and enjoyable. Aluminum won't warp, crack, split, twist, splinter, mold or mildew and the worry of rusting is eliminated so you can spend time enjoying your deck, not maintaining it.

Durable Powder Coating for Vivid Lasting Color
Versadeck railing products are finished with the best powder paint coating process avaialbe. "Super Durable Powder" coatings is an extremely durable finishing process. Particles of pigment and resin are electrostatically charged and sprayed on the part. The parts are electrostatically grounded so the charged powder particles project at the parts and adhere until melted at higher temperatures and fused into a durable, uniform coating.

Standard Aluminum Railing Colors*
The following four colors can usually blend in with most color schemes. Standard railing prices include these colors as options. Lead time is generally less when you choose one of the following 4 colors.

Aluminum Railing standard color options by Versadeck Decking

Designer Aluminum Railing Colors*
Choose from 11 additional colors to create a unique custom designer look or virtually match most colors schemes. The following colors are available as special orders at a premium price and lead times are usually longer.

Aluminum Railing designer color options by Versadeck Decking

*1)The longest rail we can make without a splice is 19'. We then build a splice in and send two sections that fit together. *2) In some cases we can send a rail longer so the end post can be removed, field cut and reattached. *3) Advanced installers can request rails to not be pre-fabrecated when site conditions require field assembly. *4) Stair railing do not come fully fabricated as they need to be field cut and assembled on site to conform to stair angle and design.  *5) Powder Coated Railing Colors shown on this page may not clearly represent the actual rail color.  *6) Glass railing and the pricacy railing do not ship in full sections. The panels are packed separatly and easily asssembled on site.

Computer monitors display colors differently. Request railing color samples for a closer representation.



Brochures - Aluminum Railing

Standard Picket
Aluminum Railing System
 pdf image.jpg

Tempered Glass
Aluminum Railing System
 pdf image.jpg

Wind Wall Glass
Aluminum Railing System
 pdf image.jpg



Stainless Cable
Aluminum Railing System pdf image.jpg

Privacy Panels
Aluminum Railing System
 pdf image.jpg

Colonial & Vermilion 
Picket Aluminum Railing
 pdf image.jpg

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