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Aluminum Decking C-60 Plank Extrusion - Technical Information For Architects and Deck Designers

Major structural element used in Versadeck™ Commercial Aluminum Decking Systems; Versaplank™ and Versamods™.

Commercial Aluminum Decking Plank Image by Versadeck


Wall Thickness: .100    Break Corners: .130 R    Alloy: 6063    Temper: T6    Shape: Solid   Weight per LN FT: 2.120    Width: 5.625 IN    Height: 1.496 IN   Area: .9489    Perimeter: 18.262
  • Supports 100 lbs psf at a 48 inch span.
  • Supports 60 lbs psf at a 60 inch span.
  • Light Weight - 3.5 lbs per sq. ft.
  • Available in plank lengths up to 32 ft.
  • Ideal for heavy commercial use.
  • Environmentally responsible and recyclable.
  • Contains zero VOC's and no solvents.
  • NFPA Class A fire rated as non-cumbustible.
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    C-60 Decking Brochures

    Premium Polyurea Comfort Coating - Versadeck Aluminum Decking Commercial Plank decking by Versadeck Decking Commercial Modular Decking Panels - Versadeck Aluminum Decking Premium Polyurea Comfort Coating - Versadeck Aluminum Decking
    Colors & Textures
    Polyurea Coating
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    Commercial Plank
    Versaplank C-60
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    Commercial Modular 
    Versamods C-60
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    Rooftop Deck System
    w/adjustable pedestals pdf image.jpg

    Aluminum Modular Commercial Decking by Versadeck Decking

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