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Polyurea Coating

Physical Properties

Fire Test Results

Versadeck Decking - Abrasion Resistant Polyurea Coating Physical Properties

 Tensile Strength  ASTM D638 3243 psi (22.5 mpa) avg. 
 Elongation  ASTM D638  488% (avg.)
 Hardness (Shore D)  ASTM D2240  53 +/- 5%
 Hardness (Shore A)  ASTM D2240  96 +/- 5%
 100% Modulus  ASTM D638  1100 psi (7.6 mpa) +/- 5%
 300% Modulus  ASTM D638  1738 psi (12 mpa) +/- 5%
 Tear Resistance  ASTM D 624  519 PLI (91 KN/m)
 Service Temperature    -50oF – 200oF (-45oC-93oC)

 Abrasion Resistance
1000g – 1000 cycles

 ASTM D 4060  H-18 wheel        20.5 mg loss
 H-10 wheel        33 mg loss
 H-22 wheel        46.4 mg loss
 CS-17 wheel      19.1 mg loss
 Weather-ability  4000 hours
 No Evidence of Failure

Properties are approximate because of processing parameters, as well as add mixture types and quantities will change physical properties of cured elastomer. All samples for above tests were force cured or aged for more than three weeks.
Complete polymerization to achieve final strength can take up to several weeks, depending on a variety of conditions.
The Polyurea coating makes Versadeck decking a superior abrasion resistant coated aluminum decking product.  
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