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Physical Properties

Fire Test Results

Class A Fire Rating - Class 1 Fire Rated -  Aluminum Decking Test Results with Protective Coatings.

Polyureas have excellent resistance to heat distortion and sagging. At the same time, Polyurea maintains its flexibility and high impact resistance. Polyurea will out perform all other polymer resins when exposed to high levels of UV rays over long periods of time. The resulting low smoke and flame spread is due to the Polyureas molecular structure of Versadeck's class A fire rated commercial deck coating option. When exposed to constant flame, this Polyurea will self-extinguish.

 Ask for our Non-Combustible aluminum plank extrusion with Class A Fire Rated Deck Coating on top:
Testing Results for commercial fire rated decking applications.

 Aluminum Extruded Planking /Aluminum Extruded Planking with polyester powder coating on top and sides.
Aluminum Extrusions: R-40, C-60  /  Alloy: 6063  /  Temper: T6 less than 6 0

Aluminum Extruded Planking with class A fire rated Polyurea coating on top and sides.
Hi-Tensile Polyurea coating for fire rated commercial applications  30  15
In order to obtain the Flame Spread Classification, the above results should be compared to the following table:  

 A  I  0 through 25
 B  II  26 through 75
 C  III  76 through 200

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