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ErectADeck™ Deck Kits by Versadeck Decking
ErectADeck™ Deck Kits

Made in the USA

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ErectADeck™ Deck Kits by Versadeck Decking
ErectADeck™ Deck Kits
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Fax: (888)846-0871

Noncombustible Deck System
Class A fire rated deck system from the ground up.

ErectADeck� Deck Kits by Versadeck Decking - Noncombustible Deck System

ErectADeck Deck Kits by Versadeck Decking, Inc. - Noncombustible Deck System.
ErectADeck Deck Kits are a Class A Fire Rated Deck System from the Ground Up.
100% Aluminum Construction - Aluminum Joist Deck Frame, Versadeck Aluminum Decking and Railing Systems with Modular Stair System.

About ErectADeck Deck Kit Packages

ErectADeck Deck Kits are noncombustible from the ground up. ErectADeck Noncombustible Deck Systems are designed with the do-it-yourself enthusiast in mind to help make deck building easier, quicker and more enjoyable for home owners and professional deck builders. Choose from thousands of deck design layouts, sizes and accessories, all of which can be customized to adapt to your home.

What's Included?

ErectADeck Deck Kits include everything you need to build the deck or only what you want. The deck kit design, size and the parts included, are tailored to create the ideal deck kit package that's best for you and your builder. You don't have to be an expert Versadeck Decking products installer to assemble ErectADeck kit packages. ErectADeck Deck Kits make it easier for home owners and professional deck builders to purchase and install Noncombustible Versadeck Aluminum Decking, railing and Aluminum Deck Framing System.

ErectADeck Deck Kit Features and Benefits

Receive a Quote and Design Help

No Cutting Deck Kits

  • Noncombustible from the ground up
  • 100% recyclable aluminum construction
  • Light weight and stronger than wood
  • Modular design - joists, deck, rails & stairs
  • Won't rot, shrink or warp like wood
  • Complete set of working plans
  • Expert design and installation support
  • Adaptable to your home dimensions
  • Custom kits available by design request


Click on the "Click Here" boxes located in the lower right hand corners of the deck kit diagrams. You will then be able to view the deck kit size options and kit accessories.


Select the deck kit, or Reverse pdf image.jpg PDF file located below the kit diagram. Fill out the packet and send it to us for a free quote.


Octagon Expanded-Deck Kit-1

Deck Kit OEDK1 pdf image.jpg     OEDK1Reverse pdf image.jpg

Octagon Expanded-Deck Kit-2

Deck Kit OEDK2 pdf image.jpg     OEDK2Reverse pdf image.jpg

Octagon Expanded-Deck Kit-3

Deck Kit OEDK3 pdf image.jpg     OEDK3Reverse pdf image.jpg

Octagon Expanded-Deck Kit-4

Deck Kit OEDK4 pdf image.jpg     OEDK4Reverse pdf image.jpg

Angles Expanded-Deck Kit-1

Deck Kit AEDK1 pdf image.jpg     AEDK1Reverse pdf image.jpg

Angles Expanded-Deck Kit-2

Deck Kit AEDK2 pdf image.jpg     AEDK2Reverse pdf image.jpg

Levels Octagon-Deck Kit-1

Deck Kit LODK1 pdf image.jpg     LODK1Reverse pdf image.jpg

Levels Octagon-Deck Kit-2

Deck Kit LODK2 pdf image.jpg     LODK1Reverse pdf image.jpg

Levels Angles-Deck Kit-1

Deck Kit LADK1 pdf image.jpg     LADK1Reverse pdf image.jpg

Levels Angles-Deck Kit-2

Deck Kit LADK2 pdf image.jpg     LADK2Reverse pdf image.jpg

Deck Kits by Versadeck Decking


Octagon-Deck Kit-1

Deck Kit ODK1 pdf image.jpg     ODK1Reverse pdf image.jpg

Octagon-Deck Kit-2

Deck Kit ODK2 pdf image.jpg    ODK2Reverse pdf image.jpg 

Octagon-Deck Kit-3

Deck Kit ODK3 pdf image.jpg    ODK3Reverse pdf image.jpg 

Octagon-Deck Kit-4

Deck Kit ODK4 pdf image.jpg     ODK4Reverse pdf image.jpg

Angles-Deck Kit-1

Deck Kit ADK1 pdf image.jpg 

Angles-Deck Kit-2

Deck Kit ADK2 pdf image.jpg     ADK2Reverse pdf image.jpg

Angles-Deck Kit-3

Deck Kit ADK3 pdf image.jpg     ADK3Reverse pdf image.jpg

Square-Deck Kit-1

Deck Kit SDK1 pdf image.jpg 

Square-Deck Kit-2

Deck Kit SDK2 pdf image.jpg     SDK2Reverse pdf image.jpg

Square-Deck Kit-3

Deck Kit SDK3 pdf image.jpg      SDK3Reverse pdf image.jpg

Square-Deck Kit-4

Deck Kit SDK4 pdf image.jpg     SDK4Reverse pdf image.jpg


Aluminum Deck Framing Solution - A Light Strong Joist Alternative to Wood Frames
Versajoist Aluminum Deck Framing is a Light Strong Joist Alternative to a Conventional Wood Deck Frame. Aluminum Joists, Beams, Posts, Stair Treads and Joist Hangers - A Maintenance Free Deck Frame.

Versajoist Aluminum Deck FramingVersadry Waterproof Watertight Aluminum Decking WA-2.jpg

ErectADeck PRO Series Kits

If your unique situation does not lend itself to one of our standard ErectADeck Deck Kits, we'll design you a custom kit (standard kits are shown above). ErectADeck PRO Series Deck Kits are an ideal solution for home owners and builders who want to create a one of a kind deck design. We'll help you design it and make sure that you end up with the correct parts and plans to get the deck built right. ErectADeck PRO makes high end fire safe noncombustible decks easier to build.

ErectADeck� Deck Kits by Versadeck Decking

A Successful Deck Kit Experience with ErectADeck

The trick to a successful deck kit, is making sure that you end up with a kit package that fits your needs and assembles properly in the adaption to your home. The planing is the most important part of the project. Your satisfaction is dependant on our ability to make sure that you end up with the correct materials and installation plans to get the job completed correctly THE FIRST TIME. Attention to detail in the planing and design phase is the key to making sure you have a good experience.

ErectADeck noncombustible Deck Kits are not off the shelf kit packages that fit on any home. We customize the kits to fit your needs and tailer them to your preference. ErectADeck Deck Kits are not for those who do not have the ability to build a deck, nor are they a step by step how to build a deck construction manual.

Why Choose ErectADeck Kits?

Because we help you every step of the way. An expert Versadeck Decking Designer-Installer-Project Manager is part of the package.

Let us interject our design expertise and knowledge of our products and deck building to help create the perfect outdoor solution that's just right for you. W

Now you can enjoy a noncombustible deck with the extreme low maintenance value of Versadeck Decking products easier than ever. You'll save time and money on the installation, because the decking, railing and steps are custom made to fit, with no cutting required, making installation quicker.

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